Our Wine Tastings

We want you to love wine as much as we do! What better way than to join us at one of our tastings or events!

Tastings Are Back!

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are not quite back to full tasting scheduling yet but we are starting to roll out a few small events. Check back for further updates & see the bottom of this page for all upcoming tastings.

Wine Tastings

Our tastings are the perfect alternative for a celebration, pre dinner or time out with friends. Learn a little more about wine and relax.... We offer a fun approach to understanding wine and introduce you to styles you may not be familiar with. Each tasting is hosted by one of our expert team who will share their passion and enthusiasm for wine with you. A million miles away from a formal and stuffy image, we offer great value and great fun. Suitable for any level of wine knowledge, Shenfield can accommodate groups of up to 14.

Private Wine Tastings

From £25 per person. Book a private informal tasting for your group on a date to suit you. Your host will welcome you with a glass of something sparkling and then talk you through 4 or 5 wines based upon your preferences. Heckle, ask questions and set your own pace, each tasting is guaranteed to be different and unique. The wines are constantly changing and each one of us has their own presentation style. Depending on the size of your group allow up to 2 hours. A selection of tasty nibbles and tasting notes are provided.

Scheduled Wine Tastings

From £20 per person. Ideal for couples or smaller groups why not join one of our pre arranged tastings. We publish a tasting programme for both stores a couple of months in advance. The tastings will follow a particular theme or will concentrate on a winemaker or vineyard, and because we select our wines from small independent producers, very often we can arrange tastings around a winemaker visit. Tastings last around 2 hours and in that time you will get to try 5 to 6 wines, including the odd wild card and we may even challenge you too a blind taste. A selection of tasty nibbles and tasting notes notes are provided.

Sparkling Wine Tastings

From £25 per person. A birthday treat or a special night out. Spot the difference between Cava, Prosecco and Champagne. Sample the finest English sparkling wines, try fizz from around the world. Learn about production methods, grape varieties and different growing regions.

Gin Tastings

£25 per person. The world's gone mad, sales of premium gin are growing at a phenomenal rate. Sign up to one of our popular gin tastings and have a fantastic night out. You will try 5 gins each with its unique set of botanicals, over ice, with unusual tonics and with added garnish.

Craft Beer Tastings

£25 per person. Viva La revolution! Fosters and Stella are no longer stacked to the ceiling, instead we offer a rapidly growing craft beer selection and this is a brilliant way to try up to 8 craft beers personally selected by Dan, our very own King of Beer, based in Shenfield.


Places are limited, we suggest you book early for our scheduled tastings and call the store direct to secure a private tasting date. Payments can be made in store, over the phone (currently unavailable) or through the website. To book Shenfield call 01277 500036. Please see our current tastings below, to book online click on the tasting and join our event.

Tastings & Events

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