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Why Mum Deserves A Good Wine

As seen in Aspire Essex Magazine Issue 06

We are entering the month where the focus will be upon the upcoming Mother’s Day (Sunday 22nd March as a gentle reminder)! Flowers, personalised gifts & meals out from our local independent businesses will all be the order of the day. However, may I add that she will also welcome a good bottle of wine. Why? Simply because if chosen with care (& perhaps with a bit of advice) a wine represents a story. It represents something that has been planted, cared for, nurtured & when ready handled with the utmost love & attention. Finally, when packaged & ready a wine leaves its home (the estate) while the proprietor awaits feedback of how much it was enjoyed & appreciated. Therefore as a suggestion here are two wines which, if chosen tell a story of two inspirational women (& mums)…

Warwick Estate ‘The First Lady’ Sauvignon Blanc (South Africa) 

Norma Ratcliffe is often referred to as ‘the First Lady’ of Stellenbosch. Self-taught, she had to leave her kids with husband Stan to spend a vintage in Bordeaux, learning the art of the craft. In the years that followed this focused & determined lady overcame the hurdles of being a female winemaker in a male dominated industry, the politics of Apartheid, & countless other challenges to establish Warwick Estate. In 2015 Norma was awarded South Africa’s 1659 Medal of Honour for her contribution to the wine industry, becoming the first woman to receive the award… & rightfully so! The First Lady Sauvignon Blanc has a mouth-watering palate with well balanced freshness & will work perfectly with grilled seafood. £12.99

Frescobaldi Catello Pomino, Pomino Bianco (Italy)

A hidden gem & highest appellation in Tuscany. In the mid 1800’s Leonia Degli Albizi, wife of Angiolo Frescobaldi introduced a significant innovation. Born in the Burgundy region of France, she decided to introduce both Chardonnay & Pinot Noir to this region, (where the Sangiovese of Chianti fame ruled). The vines thrived & demonstrated the vision & knowledge of this incredible woman. Here efforts brought about wide acclaim, culminating in a Gold Medal at the Paris Expo in 1878. In recognition of her pioneering spirit, Castello Pomino today name their traditional method bubbly simply, Leonia. The Pomino Bianco is a blend of Chardonnay & another traditionally non-Tuscan grape, Pinot BIanco & is a delicate & elegant wine. Gentle floral aromas combine with fruity notes of pear apple & citrus. Perfectly balanced on the palate, with a lovely freshness underpinning the green fruit flavours this is a wine to pair with fish, such as salmon, white meats & vegetarian hors d’oeuvres.  £18.99

Two Wines. Two Women. Take time & choose mum a wine worthy of a great story this Mother’s Day.