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Still Chillin’… White Port

By now you have all read the first ‘Chillin’ blog and tried out the red wine thing. Much to your amazement you really enjoyed the experience and are now prepared to do anything I suggest! So here it is… White Port.

Now you may say ‘come on that has been around for ages’ BORING, we want our money back and all that. Problem is, it hasn’t translated much beyond that odd experience when in Portugal. No longer I say! Get out and buy yourself a bottle (see recommendation below). On its own it refreshes. However here is the catch. The white port mix: P&T

One glass (or more if feeling social) half filled with ice

Add one part Grahams Fine White Port

Add two parts tonic (Fever Tree or Fever Tree Elderflower for an exciting twist)

Gently stir to mix the flavours together

Garnish with lemon (or orange as an alternative) and a sprig of fresh mint


Drain it, then move on to the nicely chilled Grahams 10 year old Tawny Port (that is another story).

Recommended: Grahams Fine White Port £13.99