John //

Just Chillin’…

Ok to chill, or not to chill…that is the question, especially when discussing red wine!

Forget the formalities, it simply comes down to preference. This writer for better or not, is a seasonal drinker. Cold, wet, windy, or all of the above and I’m wanting my red wine to have soft tannins, the edges smoothed out and the wine to be warm and comforting. However (and here is the key bit)….bring on those lazy warm spring, summer or autumnal days and the Dr Jekyll in me comes out. Crisp but not too cold. The wine, medium weight, not too rich. And yes…RED…as in the wine!

What you get is refreshment, but with the body and ‘fuller’ taste of the red wine. Normally the tannins tend to come to the fore but that again only adds to the pleasure of partnering such wines with a homemade beef burger, grilled sausages or slow cooked ribs.

Care to disagree? Let me know, but now I’m hungry so more to follow.

Recommended  Wine: Carmen Estate Gran Reserva Carignan: £15.99

Incredibly no oak, medium weight but with bags of ripe red berry fruit and a healthy backbone to support ‘chillin’ it down!’