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Here at Liquorice we love beer…

With a thirst for new & interesting styles, the beer market in this country is thriving, driven by the growing interest in ‘craft beer’. However you choose to define this, the revolution is here to stay & we couldn’t be happier!

Our range is always evolving, with new additions being added on a weekly basis & one of the great things about dealing with so many small batch breweries is that there is always something new & exciting being released. We don’t just focus on breweries from these shores though with plenty on offer from Germany, Belgium, America & beyond as well.


We love eating seasonally here in the UK, whether it’s Lamb in spring, Strawberries in summer or Parsnips in winter. Beer can be looked at in the same way & naturally what our palates crave (in general) will be weather / seasonally dependent; lighter, fresher beers are great for summer drinking while dark, heavier beers are a great fit for cold nights & richer foods. Although I did enjoy an impy stout last night!


Anyway, here are some great beery options for summer drinking, which we currently have in stock: *


Fourpure Brewing Co. Juicebox Citrus IPA – 5.9% (South London)

The name kind of gives this one away! Juicebox from Bermonsey’s Fourpure Brewing Co is a big & juicy tropical IPA, which uses fresh orange zest & bags of aromatic hops in the brew. As soon as that ring pull is cracked the aromas leap out, then you take a glug or three. There’s bitterness & light sweetness with that orange zest at the fore creating all together a super refreshing, mouth filling drink. It is packaged in a 500ml can & considering it is 5.9% you may not want too many! (But you will).


Hopf Helle Weiße – 5.5% (Germany)

This traditional Bavarian wheat beer has been a benchmark for wheat beers or almost 100 years now. It offers flavours of banana & spice that come their private yeast culture, as well as a hint of citrus fruit from the hops. Its extremely smooth with low bitterness, making for a fruity but very crisp wheat beer.


The Five Points Brewing Co. XPA – 4% (East London)

Founded in 2013, Hackney’s Five Points have established themselves by a slightly different direction to other London craft brewers; by limiting their styles & making them super good! XPA is their most recent addition to the range & started as collaboration with Field Day music festival last year. They loved it so much they added it to the range & thank god they did. It is juicy & tropical, even paler & hoppier than their flagship Pale Ale & its hard to believe this is only 4% as there is so much flavour packed in. This is an awesome choice for a session in the sun.


Lindemans Kriek – 3.5% (Belgium)

The biggest Lambic brewer in Belgium, Lindemans offers drinkers new to the world of sour beer an easy way in, their beers being sweeter than many others. Kriek is probably their best-known beer & is a slightly sweet cherry lambic beer made in the traditional Belgian style; spontaneously fermented using wild yeasts in the air & aged in oak barrels to give a sour, tart flavour. For this beer, cherries are then added to the barrel to give the beer a pleasant & fruity sweetness, offsetting the sour base before a refreshing tart finish.



* As I write this it is raining. Heavily.